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Industrial Labels

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Here at Sussex Screen Printing we produce a vast array of bespoke Industrial labels suitable for a multitude of applications, our durable and tamper proof labels being a popular choice.

Whether you require something as simple as a few hundred one colour self-adhesive paper labels OR a high performance, multi-coloured label that needs to be durable, scratch proof and weather proof for 20 years. We can produce both ends of the label spectrum and the gulf inbetween. We make labels that can be:

  • Cut to ANY shape up to a size of 75cm x 50cm
  • Printed in ANY amount of colours!
  • Resistant to heat up to 150 degrees C
  • Resistant to extreme cold down to -130 degrees C
  • Scratch/mark resistant
  • XE labels (Extreme Environment)
  • MICROBAN® infection control labels, suitable for use in hospitals and on hospital equipment
  • Tamper Proof
  • Glow in the dark safety labels

If you are on a budget, we hold an extensive range of stock cutting tools so we can design your labels to fit an existing tool.

Please contact us for more information and a no obligation quote for your specific needs.


“We have been working with Sussex Screen Printing for the past 14 years and
have always found them to offer a fast, friendly and professional service.
Adam, Sharon and their team are always willing to help when I need something
in a hurry, offering a quick turn around when I'm stuck for something. I
would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation
looking for quality and reliability.”

Nicola McDonald
LM Ltd.