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Environmentally Friendly Stickers

Environmentally friendly stickers

We understand the global commitment to a greener environment and we are now able to offer eco friendly stickers using a vinyl sticker material that has been introduced to demonstrate our proactive contributions and ongoing commitments to a greener future.

ECOPLUS (PVC FREE) Self adhesive vinyl
Environmentally friendly because the manufacture, processing or disposal of the film does not cause any heavy pollution of the environment. Incineration does not give off any toxic chlorine compounds such as dioxin or furane. Polyolefins are inert plastics, i.e. they do not readily react with other materials and can therefore be safely deposited as waste.

As an ongoing commitment to our environmental policy the inks used in ALL of our sticker production are lead free.

So whatever type of Environmentally/Eco friendly vinyl stickers you are looking for whether it’s Car Window Stickers, Shop Window Stickers, Bumper Stickers or ANY type of high quality, competitively priced self adhesive vinyl sticker we can design and screen print them for you. ANY SHAPE up to a size of 700mm x 580mm and from 1 colour up to FULL COLOUR, and in quantities from 100 up to 100,000+.


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Sticker size:

Please supply all of your dimensions in centimetres. Width x Height.

Sticker shape:

Guillotined to a square or rectangle OR Die-cut stickers (Die-cut stickers are cut to a specific shape of your choice).

Sticker quantities:

We can produce as many stickers as you need. Anything from 100 up to 100,000.

Sticker colour:

PLEASE NOTE: When producing window stickers the background colour is printed, i.e. If it’s a White or coloured background that is classed as one spot colour. (OR for example, a Union Jack style car window sticker would compromise of 3 colours Red, Blue plus a White background).